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Mice/Rat Removal

The only mouse most people want to see in their house is named Mickey, and the only rat is named Remy (from Ratatouille). And the only place we really want to see these creatures is on a screen.


If you’ve ever experienced the scurrying of a small rodent across your kitchen floor at night, you know that you pause to turn on the light until you know that the rodent has met its Maker.


If you think you may have a mouse or rat issue either in your house or in your yard, we can help! At ACME Pest Control, we specialize in rodent control.


Here are some signs that you might have a rodent problem:

  •   Excess amount of small, pellet-sized droppings
  •   Rodent trails in the grass along the foundation of your home
  •   Scurrying sounds at night
  •   Spotting several rodents in the house

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Unfortunately, if you see one mouse or rat, there are probably more in hiding. Therefore, it’s important to seek professional pest control assistance. Even if you don’t have rats or rodents in your home now, our team can help you inspect for access points or attractive food sources to head off the problem before it’s a real infestation.


Mice and rats are experts at body manipulation. They can squeeze through even the smallest openings to nest in your home.


House mice are considered dangerous and destructive pests. Because they carry and transmit viruses, bacteria, and other diseases, mice are considered to be troublesome pests. They are commonly responsible for causing damage to personal property and are notorious for commercial crop destruction.


Rats are also considered to be dangerous to humans. When threatened, rats may bite, posing a serious risk of infection to small children and pets. They can transmit disease if they bite or scratch humans and by leaving their droppings and urine around the home. Humans can also get sick when rats contaminate their food or run across countertops where food is later prepared. When threatened, rats may bite, posing a serious risk of infection to small children and pets.


Don’t try to DIY and end up with a full house of rodents. Both mice and rats have a gestation period of only three weeks! You don’t want to have baby rats or mice using your kitchen as a nursery.


Call us! We can help! At ACME Pest Control, we’ll discuss with you the best course of action to make your home safe and rodent-free!

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