Reliable Rodent Control in Kannapolis, NC

Rodent Control in Kannapolis, NC

Rats, mice, hamsters, and guinea pigs—these furry little creatures, sometimes kept as pets, are known as rodents. But not all rodents are considered pets. In fact, sometimes unwanted rats—in large amounts—are known as an infestation. Though they mean no harm, when rodents invade, they bring many other significant problems.


To get into your home, rats and mice will chew holes through your exterior walls, causing damage to building materials and live wires inside the house. This exposure can result in fires and rainwater entering your home, causing water damage.


Rodents tend to carry diseases and bacteria because of the different places they travel through, scrummage for food, and live. Because of this, a rat infestation can contaminate the food in your home and can taint dishes, silverware, and prep surfaces. This type of exposure can also result in flea, tick, or mite infestations, which can cause Lyme disease, Spotted Fever, and Murine Typhus.


In order to prevent rodents from spreading diseases, it’s essential to eliminate the infestation and prevent a future infestation from occurring in your space. To do this, it is helpful to remove food sources, water, and shelter areas for rodents, in order to prevent contact. But the best approach is to seal all entry points to prevent them from entering the structure altogether.

If you think your home is experiencing a rodent infestation, then a management plan is necessary.

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Humane Rodent Control Practices in Kannapolis, NC


There are a variety of ways to control and manage rodent infestations. However, some methods are considered more humane than others and should be considered as the default choice when getting rid of this type of invasion.


Implementing a humane rodent control method is often done in multiple steps. First, it is necessary to eliminate all food sources that can be the problem, such as crumbs in the kitchen that have fallen into hidden areas. Bags of dry cat and dog food should be put away in rodent-proof containers, and it’s important to avoid leaving pet food in bowls overnight.


At Acme Pest Control, humane rodent control is a big deal for us. We provide a full-home inspection, followed by a clean-up and sanitization, then we prevent, seal, repair, and restore. Inhumane methods of killing, such as using poison and certain traps, can harm other animals and result in the rodent’s long-term suffering. But at Acme Pest Control, we apply the most humane method in eradicating your rat problem.


Cold Weather and Rodents in Kannapolis, NC


The colder temperatures might bring some unwelcome activity. Just like us, rodents like to find shelter when the temperatures drop. As such, when winter approaches, rat colonies start looking for places to shelter. Unfortunately, this can mean a higher chance of a rat invasion in commercial buildings and private residences—like your home!


Keeping your kitchen clean is the key to keeping mice and rats away during the winter months. Food should always be kept in sealed containers, and all possible entries—even the smallest holes—should be covered. At Acme Pest Control, we have a keen eye and will be able to identify how rodents are entering the property.


Acme Pest Control is the Best in the Kannapolis, NC Area


We are one of the best pest and rodent control services in the Kannapolis and Concord, NC, areas. Not only are we a family-owned business with years of experience, but we have some of the best tools in the industry, and we believe that our humane practices are not only the best method for removing an infestation, but we also ensure that the rodents stay out!


We offer pest and rodent removal for homes and commercial properties and spray-foam insulation.

Are you dealing with a rodent or pest problem? Don’t worry because we’ve got you covered! Give us a call today, and let’s assess the next best steps for you!


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