Preparing Your Home for Winter in Concord, NC

Preparing Your Home for Winter in Concord, NC
Preparing Your Home for Winter in Concord, NC

Winterizing, crawl space encapsulation, and saving money


A crawl space, though small and narrow, plays a pretty crucial role in heating and cooling an entire home. As such, crawl space encapsulation was developed to help maintain a structure’s health, which also helps to save money in the long run. Crawl space encapsulation includes adding a heavy-duty moisture barrier to the dirt floor of the space. Since the vapor within the narrow space can rot a home’s wooden frames and floor, these barriers can help keep moisture away. This is because the air in the home rises and brings with it the air that was previously in the crawl space, which can include mold and moisture.


Additionally, encapsulation helps keep out termites and other dangerous mites that can cause further structural damage to a home. So, crawl space encapsulation is necessary and is most effective when the area is sealed thoroughly.


You can save money on your monthly heating and cooling bills by closing your crawl space area. Even though you may have to spend money upfront, it can be offset each month through energy bill savings.


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Why is it Important to Prepare Your Crawl Space for the Winter?


Protecting your home against winter weather is crucial regardless of where you live. By preparing your crawl space areas for the winter, you can reduce energy costs and protect against damaging and expensive problems, such as water damage and frozen pipes. Since crawl spaces are one of the leading reasons for energy loss, be sure to check for any cracks in the crawl space walls.

It is also helpful to insulate a crawl space as it can keep a home warmer and prevent moisture and condensation from occurring within the walls.


Acme Pest Control Crawl Space Encapsulation Services Near Concord, NC


At Acme Pest Control, we offer crawl space encapsulation. By placing barriers in your crawl space, floors, walls, and ceiling, we can help control the amount of moisture escaping. And by limiting the moisture, we can reduce the chances of any rotting and water damage that may occur, which can also improve the air quality in your home and help to make things more energy efficient.


It is necessary to keep the crawl space dry and clean, which is why vapor barriers play a crucial role in keeping your home safe and healthy and can limit issues caused by moisture stemming from the crawl space. Since humid air can enter from the outside, creating condensation when cooled, an encapsulation can help prevent this type of moisture build-up.


By closing the vents of a crawl space, you can stop cool air from escaping, and by properly insulating the area, you can prevent warm air from escaping.

Keeping unwanted rodents out of your home is easy for Acme Pest Control. We help keep rodents away and provide crawl space encapsulation and insulation services.

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