Preparing Your Home for Winter in Charlotte, NC

Preparing Your Home for Winter in Charlotte, NC

As the temperatures drop and the leaves change, that’s not only a cue to stop by a pumpkin patch and start holiday shopping. It’s also a good reminder to get ahead of the cold weather on its way and winterize your home.

The majority of homes built in North Carolina are equipped with a crawlspace underneath the house between the ground and the first floor. Crawlspaces are designed to create easier access to your home essentials (HVAC, water, sewage, etc.) and to help level a home when a slab isn’t possible, especially in the hilly areas of the Carolinas.

Because crawlspaces allow air below the first floor of a home, it is crucial to protect this space from moisture and winter air. Properly sealing this space will allow your home to be properly heated in the cold seasons and prevent mold, mildew, and moisture damage to the foundation.


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How to Winterize Your Crawlspace in Charlotte, NC


The main way to get your crawlspace ready for the cold weather is to encapsulate, or seal, your crawlspace to help prevent moisture and cold air from getting beneath your home. What we do to encapsulate your crawlspace is create a moisture barrier on all sides, floor, and sometimes the ceiling. We use waterproofing material to create an airtight barrier that can protect your home for the upcoming season and help prevent future costly repairs.


Benefits of Winterizing Your Charlotte Crawlspace


While encapsulation is an added cost, we like to think of it as cost prevention. Doing this necessary step can help save you money in repairs and energy costs in the long run. Some of the main benefits of encapsulation include:


  • Energy Efficiency. Because of the amount of air that can come through a crawl space, encapsulation and waterproofing this space can help prevent heat and air loss (both in winter and summer) and reduce your energy costs. In fact, those who seal their crawl spaces see an average of 20% less energy usage than an unsealed space.
  • Pest Prevention. Crawlspaces are a welcome haven for small rodents, snakes, and other pests (even termites!), especially during cold or wet weather. By sealing this space, you can help keep these unwanted creatures out of your home and prevent future infestations and issues associated with open crawlspaces.
  • Clean Storage & Rot Prevention. Because of the waterproofing in the encapsulation process, you can prevent rot and moisture from forming at the foundational level, saving you future repair costs. You also create a clean, out-of-the-way area for storage, depending on the size of your crawlspace.


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