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Spider Control Services

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Most people, when they see a spider in their home, scream, hold their breath, or run. Then, they try to figure out what they can use to bring this eight-legged creature to sudden death.


A word of caution: it is always best to avoid touching a spider. While they never actively seek human contact, they will bite if they feel threatened or endangered. Their venom causes reactions that differ from species to species and person to person. Possible symptoms of a bite may include a stinging sensation, red mark, localized swelling or an injury requiring hospitalization. If you are concerned that you’ve been bitten, please consult your doctor.


The fear of spiders is real! And many people have a strong reaction to seeing just one, so an infestation can bring about a sincere cause of anxiety.


Spiders are the hunters of the bug world and control the population of other unwanted creatures such as mosquitoes, aphids and even stinging insects.


We all know that spiders are good for the environment. We appreciate their contribution; however, most homeowners don’t want their assistance in their home.

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We can help with our spider control services! ACME Pest Control specializes in the removal of spiders in Charlotte, Concord and surrounding areas in North and South Carolina, including the following types of spiders:

  • Black widow
  • Cellar spider
  • Garden spider
  • Hobo AKA “House Spider”
  • Wolf


Spiders are among the most prevalent household pests, crawling their way into two out of three American homes. The population of spiders depends on the environment around them. For instance, unkempt grass or shrubs can cultivate an excellent shelter for spiders.


If there is a plethora of other bug activity, spiders will inevitably grow in population as well. Interior spiders are no different. An unclean house offers a plethora of hiding shelters for spiders and the climate control inside helps spiders live and dwell all year round.


Don’t worry! We can help! Contact one of our professional exterminators today for our spider control services. We’ll help you protect your home and calm your nerves from these eight-legged predators.

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