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If you’ve ever walked into the kitchen at night, flipped on the light, and heard something scurrying across the floor, you may have a roach problem.


Did you know that for every cockroach you see in your home, there could be thousands more hiding in your walls, pipes, furniture, cabinets, and other places throughout your home?


We can help with our roach control services! At ACME Pest Control, we know how uncomfortable it can be knowing that you may have a roach infestation. Our highly trained professionals are fully prepared to eliminate your roach problem and help you feel comfortable in your home once again.

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Here are 7 signs to look for if you think you might have a roach problem:

  1. Droppings: If you see cockroach droppings, you have an infestation. These pests will eat pretty much anything and leave behind something that resembles coffee grounds or pepper. These droppings are less than 1mm wide and can be difficult to spot if you don’t know what you’re looking for.

  1. Smear Marks: In addition to droppings, cockroaches tend to leave streaks behind. You can often find these markings on walls. They are dark, irregular smears. You’ll find these marks in areas where the roaches are most active.

  1. Stench or Unusual Odor: Cockroach infested areas have a particular scent which is caused by the pheromones in their droppings. This musty smell attracts other cockroaches—the bigger the infestation, the worse the smell. It is a damp, unpleasant odor that sinks into just about any surface.

  1. Eggs: Unfortunately, a surefire sign of a cockroach infestation is finding their egg capsules. These capsules are called oothecae, and just one of them can hold up to 30 – 45 eggs.

  1. Cockroach skins: If you have a roach problem, you’ll most likely see their shedded skins or shells. Cockroaches go through several lifecycle stages to reach adulthood. As they grow, they shed they molt anywhere between 5-8 times before they become adults.

  1. Property Damage: Cockroaches aren’t picky. They will eat just about anything, and that can cause some damage. If you have an infestation, you will likely find chew marks on food packaging, but you may also discover damage in other materials, such as leather.

  1. Living Roaches: The most obvious sign of a problem would be if you actually see a roach. While they tend to keep out of sight, if you enter a dark bathroom or kitchen and turn on a light, you may be unlucky enough to see these pests scurry away to their hiding spots. Again, if you see one, there’s probably a lot more in hiding.

We can help! At ACME Pest Control, our licensed agents can safely and effectively eradicate your roach problem.


We specialize in the removal of these types of roaches:

    • American
    • Brown-banded
    • German
    • Oriental
    • Wood
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