Bedbug Inspection and Removal

Bedbug Inspection and Removal Services

Bedbug Inspection and Removal

Bedbug Inspection and Removal

Bedbugs are unwanted visitors to your bed. They are small, flat bugs that feed on blood to survive.


Bedbugs do not have nests like ants or bees but tend to live in groups in hiding places. Their initial hiding places are typically in mattresses, box springs, bed frames, and headboards where they have easy access to people to bite in the night; hence, the reason they are called bedbugs.


At the turn of the 20th century, bedbugs were a real issue; however, around the mid-1900s, improvements were made to insecticides that kept these pests at bay.


Unfortunately, bedbugs have evolved and become more resilient than ever. To prevent or exterminate bedbugs, it’s essential to recognize their tell-tale signs early on and use an integrated, multi-step method to remove them.


We can help! At ACME Pest Control, our certified agents will identify the problem and work to eliminate it with our Bedbug Inspection and Removal!


By the way, bedbugs look for one thing—blood. They can hide in luggage, fabrics, furniture, etc. Therefore, if you have them in your home, it is not a sign that your house isn’t clean enough or that you need to hire a full-time maid. The truth is bedbugs can be found in immaculate homes and hotel rooms just as often as in filthy ones.

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Bedbug Inspection

If you’re experiencing red bumps or bites (especially in small groups of threes) on your body that are itching and swelling slightly, you may have bedbugs.


We can help with our Bedbug Inspection and Removal Services! At ACME Pest Control, we will inspect your home, furniture, and fabrics thoroughly and completely.


We know it may be tempting to self-diagnose your home’s bedbug situation, but to have peace of mind that the bedbugs (and their eggs) are gone, it’s always best to enlist a professional.


The signs and locations of bedbugs can be easy to miss without the proper training. Waiting too long will only expand the issue.


Don’t worry; we can help!


Controlling Bedbugs

No one wants to have a bedbug infestation. There are ways to help control their population so that they do not spread to every area in your home.


If you think your mattress or box spring may have bed bugs, don’t just throw it on the curb. You’ll only be spreading the love for these bloodsuckers! Bedbugs love hiding out in discarded items and can easily make their way into your (or someone else’s) home from there.


If you need to seal off cracks and holes in your home, we recommend using silica to properly absorb excess moisture. Be wary of secondhand furniture, beds, and bedding, and cleaning with tea-tree oil. These are great ways to stop a bedbug problem before it starts.


Need more help? Give us a call. We can provide professional solutions to prevent bedbugs from getting into your home.


Bedbug Removal

If you have a bedbug problem, at ACME Pest Control, we exercise the utmost care and concern for your home while treating it for bedbugs. We use a multifaceted method that we’re confident will leave your home free of infestation. We use only use chemicals that are safe for your building and everyone in your home. Our experienced pest management professionals will effectively eradicate your bedbug population. We guarantee we’re more effective than any homemade or DIY solution!

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