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If you’re looking for effective pest control in Charlotte, NC, then you’ve come to the right place. Acme Pest Control has been removing pests from residential and commercial properties in Charlotte, NC since 1946. Our team services the entire Piedmont Area, including Charlotte, Concord, Harrisburg and Kannapolis, NC, and we’re ready to help you get rid of annoying pests like mosquitos, ants, cockroaches and spiders today!

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Do critter invasions have you weary and on edge? Are you struggling with gas or moisture issues that are damaging the structure of your home and endangering your family’s health? At Acme Pest Control, we are no stranger to pest control problems and the mental strain they can leave on our customers. We have you covered no matter what you are dealing with, whether that be termites, bees, ants, bedbugs, cockroaches, spiders, or any other creepy crawly.

As members of the National Pest Control Association, Acme Pest Control is the expert when it comes to removing unwanted pests from your home or commercial property in Charlotte, NC. Read on for more information about our services or call 800.826.9188 to speak with one of our friendly team members at any time. We’re a family-owned business – and we treat our customers like family – so let us help today!

Pest Control Services in Charlotte, NC

Acme Pest Control in Charlotte, NC offers both bug and rodent removal services for homes and commercial properties. As leading pest control experts in North Carolina, we take pride in early dedication and swift, safe removal of unwanted pests.

Our bug control services in Charlotte, NC include the removal of the following unwanted pests:

Rodents and wildlife that can infiltrate your home or commercial property need to be removed, too. Our Charlotte pest control services include the removal of the following larger pests:

Raccoon Pest Removal Services in Charlotte, NC

Are raccoon issues weighing you and your family down? When it comes to aggressive creatures such as raccoons, it’s usually best to hire a professional pest removal company like Acme Pest Control in Charlotte, NC.

The team at Acme Pest Control is very experienced at live trapping and using the most humane tactics to coax a raccoon off your property.

Our Crawl Space Encapsulation Services

Did you know that your crawl space affects your indoor air quality? The team at Acme Pest Control in Charlotte, NC knows that keeping this area clean and dry is essential for a healthy home life. That’s why we offer professional crawl space encapsulation services to create a moisture barrier and protect you and your family’s wellbeing.

Muggy air in your crawl space can cause rot, mold, and water damage to important parts of your home’s structure. Our services prioritize your health and safety by installing a heavy-duty polyethylene barrier to keep any critters and moisture at bay!

Radon Testing at Acme Pest Control

Wondering how radon testing could benefit you and your family? Or how you can tell if your home needs to be inspected for radon? Acme Pest Control is always willing to educate customers on issues that can catch homeowners off guard. Our compassionate staff members are pros at examining your spaces for radon, which is a tasteless, odorless, and invisible gas. This substance is radioactive and can easily damage one’s lungs and cause lung cancer over time. If you’re ready to have your home tested for radon, set up an appointment today.

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Are you ready to pest-proof your home? Acme Pest Control is here to help preserve your property and quickly and efficiently remove troublesome insects, rodents and other pests for Charlotte property owners. Fill out our online service form or call 800.826.9188 to set up an appointment.