Keeping Bugs Out in Cold Weather in North & South Carolina

Keeping Bugs Out in Cold Weather in North & South Carolina

While cold weather is usually a time to celebrate the lack of mosquitoes and other pesky bugs, some pests like spiders and cockroaches head into your cozy home to find shelter from the dropping temperatures. At Acme Pest Control in the Carolinas, we’re here to help you keep unwanted pests out of your home.


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How to Keep Cockroaches Out of Your Home


Cockroaches are not only unseemly bugs, but they often carry diseases and filth throughout your home. There are many ways you can prevent these bugs from entering your house. The main way is to sweep, mop, and clean to prevent cockroaches, especially around mealtimes. If you keep your food in sealed containers, put pet food away when your pet isn’t eating, and clean the floors, stove, and countertops after meals, you’re much more likely to reduce their access to food sources, which makes your home less desirable for shelter.


You can also eliminate clutter and places where they can hide, including newspapers, piled papers, cardboard boxes, and more. Roaches are attracted to warm, dark places, so sealing interior and exterior holes can help prevent them from finding their way in. Along with these tactics, we recommend investing in a regular pest service that can spray around the foundation of your home and around doors and windows to keep these pests out of your home.


Keeping Spiders Out of Your North or South Carolina Home


Spiders, while helpful at keeping other insects under control, are not pests you want in your home. If they feel threatened, they can bite and cause intense reactions, including swelling, itching, and even tissue necrosis if they are venomous. In the Carolinas, there are 4 different types of venomous spiders:


  • the southern black widow
  • the northern black widow
  • the brown widow
  • the brown recluse


All of these spiders are drawn to dark, weather-safe spaces. They come in through your garage, windows, doors, air vents, and any small cracks or openings in your home. Keeping your home free of cardboard boxes (a spider haven) and clutter can deter spiders from building a nest. We also recommend our customers regularly vacuum corners, crevices, basements, windowsills, lights, and garages, where these eight-legged arachnids like to hide out. Washing out window eaves and windowsills with a pressure washer or garden hose is also a good practice.

Lastly, invest in regular pest control. Along with the above recommendations, having an experienced team come to seal and spray the exterior of your home regularly can help prevent unwanted pests.


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